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Everyone is connected to their smartphones and laptops these days. As remote working becomes more common than ever, businesses must adapt to the ever-changing digital age. To stay up to date, we are finding that more and more cafes, restaurants and small shops are offering public networks that users can connect to when shopping in their store.

Let’s see how businesses can use this public network to increase customer retention rates and benefit their sales strategy.

What is WiFi marketing and why will it benefit my store?

WiFi marketing helps small businesses, restaurants, and coffee shops differentiate themselves from the competition by improving their connectivity and data speeds. By using a more secure and easy-to-connect network, guests and customers will come back for more. WiFi is a big part of our business today – have you ever canceled a hotel reservation just because they don’t have free WiFi? You’re not alone.

Outlets that offer WiFi marketing will have a higher rate of customers and customer retention due to their ease of use and access. For small businesses that want to attract more paying customers, there has to be a change in how they market their business to attract a larger target market. WiFi Marketing, like the one who Bloom Intelligence offer, helps small businesses expand their reach by attracting more customers who would not typically visit their store and by retaining customers who already visit the physical location.

With WiFi marketing, your customers provide you with real-time data because you can see who is currently connected to your system. By giving away free WiFi in exchange for a phone number or email address, you can simplify the process of connecting to the WiFi network while still getting the contact details of a potential customer.

Focus on what matters

One of the most important benefits of WiFi marketing is focusing on the customers that really matter. Instead of spending money and effort into a large market that can ignore your marketing tactics, you can just target your efforts to focus on the customers who are spending money and helping your business make a profit.

Combine data

Combining data with knowledge of what customers really want is what helps transform your small business into a data-driven business with positive reviews. Mixing WiFi marketing and customer relationship management helps provide insight into your target market and build customer loyalty.

Smooth WiFi experience

How is your public WiFi broadcast to customers? Is your Wi-Fi difficult to connect when using a laptop, or does it at once pop-up with a guest login page? Optimized connection process helps clients easily connect to your public WiFiu without having to go through a series of frustrating connection steps or tactics.


Using WiFi marketing is an easy way for small businesses, retail stores, restaurants, and coffee shops to expand their target market while simultaneously focusing on paying customers who are very likely to return to their store. With the ability to focus on the customers that matter, analyze data to improve performance, and create a seamless WiFi experience, WiFi marketing helps small businesses improve profits.

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