Aoun discusses general news with the Secretary General of the Baath Party, discusses social affairs with Abbé Maalouf and Father Hajjar

President Aoun met with the Secretary General of the Arab Socialist Baath Party, Ali Hijazi, today at the presidential palace.

Current events in light of recent political developments were discussed.

Hijazi revealed that the meeting discussed post-parliamentary elections, expected constitutional rights, relations with Syria and the delimitation of the southern maritime borders in light of the Lebanese trend to resume indirect negotiations.

Hijazi also indicated that the security situation in general and in the Bekaa region in particular, and a proposal for a general amnesty for crimes in the Baalbek-Hermel region were discussed, on the condition that it does not include those involved in the blood of the army.

Economic affairs in light of the continuing decline and growing suffering of citizens were also addressed.

Father Elie Maalouf and Father Charbel Hajjar:

The president received the former chief general of the Basilian congregation of Choueira, the current chief of the monastery Saint-Jean de Khenchara, the abbot Elie Maalouf and the father Charbel Hajjar.

Social affairs, the health and education needs of citizens and the role of monasticism in this area were discussed.