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Minister at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs Ryan Straughn (GP)

Barbadians need to be more productive if the economy is to grow in a post-COVID-19 environment.

Yesterday, Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Ryan Straughn, in his response to the financial statement and budget proposals announced on Monday, said the focus should also be on the export of goods and services.

Despite the global uncertainty due to the war between Ukraine and Russia, he made it clear that he expects the government to replace the business that was lost due to COVID and a return to the levels achieved. at the end of 2019. Additionally, he told the House of Commons during the budget debate that living with COVID means that the decisions each person makes in their day-to-day life will be important.

“I want the public to understand that what I’m referring to when I talk about growth isn’t going back to where we were before. I’m talking about an absolute new goal of making sure that every day we go to work, whether you’re a public servant or you work in the private sector, that every day we go to work if you’re in the public service, you will wonder what I am doing today to ensure that a private activity can and does happen more quickly. (GBM)

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