Biden’s ratings on the economy, foreign affairs and Russia are near 40%

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  • 41% of Americans approve of the work Biden is doing overall
  • Approval rates for shows generally stable
  • 36% approve of its dealings with Russia

WASHINGTON, DC – Forty-one percent of American adults approve of the job Joe Biden is doing as president, similar to his 40% rating for handling foreign affairs, while approval for his handling of the economy and the situation with Russia is slightly lower. Americans give Biden top marks for his coronavirus response, but even less than half approve.

President Joe Biden’s job approval ratings

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Joe Biden handles his job as president?
Do you approve or disapprove of the way Joe Biden handles [issue]?

Approve To disapprove of
% %
The response to the coronavirus 47 52
Overall work 41 55
Foreign Affairs 40 56
economy 37 62
The situation with Russia 36 55
Gallup February 1-17, 2022

These ratings from a Gallup poll from February 1-17 changed little from previous readings, including a January measure of his overall job performance and November ratings for the economy, foreign affairs and coronavirus response. . Gallup last measured Biden’s performance on Russia in August.

Overall approval for Biden Jobs has shown no significant improvement since last fall, when it declined following the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. High inflation and the continuing coronavirus pandemic are likely two factors keeping Biden’s approval rating down.

Line graph. Trend in President Biden’s overall jobs approval rating. After starting his term at 57%, Biden’s jobs approval rating has remained in the low 40s since September, including a low of 40% in January and 41% in February.

Approval trends for Biden’s handling of specific issues follow the same trajectory as the trend for his overall approval rating. Approval ratings for shows were above majority level at the start of his presidency, showed a significant decline in the summer of 2021, and fell further in the fall.

Americans’ approval of Biden for handling the coronavirus situation has consistently been his best among those issues, averaging eight percentage points higher than his approval ratings on foreign affairs and the economy.

Trend of President Joe Biden’s memo on specific issues

Numbers are percentage approval of Biden’s handling of the issue

Feb. 2021 August 2021 Nov 2021 Feb. 2022
% % % %
The response to the coronavirus 67 51 49 47
Foreign Affairs 56 46 38 40
economy 54 46 38 37
The situation with Russia n / A 39 n / A 36
Note: The wording of the item regarding Russia in August was “Relations with Russia”.

The fall of the Democrats continues

Overall job approval for Biden among his fellow Democrats continues to hover near 80% after consistently being above 90% early in his term. In the latest poll, 79% of Democrats approve.

During his presidency, Biden’s job ratings have fallen the most among independents, of whom 35% currently approve, compared to ratings ranging from 50 to 60 during his first months as president.

Republicans’ ratings on Biden have always been low; currently, 7% approve of it. Biden averaged 10% approval among Republicans through July 2021, but has averaged 6% since then.


Line graph. Trend of Biden’s job approval ratings by political party. Currently, 79% of Democrats approve of Biden’s handling of his job as president, compared to readings above 90% between January and November 2021. Biden’s approval among independents is 35%. It was 61% in the first Gallup poll measuring Biden’s jobs approval and in the 1950s through June, before dropping to 43% in August. Biden’s approval among Republicans is at 7% in the latest poll and has been mostly in the single digits since August.

Far fewer Democrats approve of Biden’s handling of the economy (72%), foreign affairs (71%) and the Russian situation (64%) than approve of his overall performance. Democrats’ endorsement of the president’s handling of the coronavirus response is similar to their assessment of the job he’s doing overall.

Independents are the most critical of Biden’s economic management, with 30% approval, compared to ratings of 35% or more on other issues. Republicans also rate Biden slightly lower on the economy than on other issues.

Approval of President Joe Biden’s handling of issues, by political party

Democrats Independents Republicans
% % %
The response to the coronavirus 81 45 12
Foreign Affairs 71 37 ten
economy 72 30 6
The situation with Russia 64 35 11
Gallup February 1-17, 2022


President Biden’s overall jobs approval score is stuck in the 40s, and Americans aren’t more positive about his handling of key issues except the coronavirus response. But even on that question, less than half of Americans approve of the work he does.

Since the honeymoon phase of his presidency, Biden has seen his support plummet among all political groups. His ratings among Republicans can’t go much lower, so further drops in his approval rating depend on Democrats’ and independents’ ratings of him deteriorating.

The experiences of Biden’s immediate predecessors, Donald Trump and Barack Obama, could shed light on his declining approval among Democrats and independents. Like Biden, Trump and Obama governed at a time when approval for their jobs was characterized by extremely high ratings among fellow supporters and extremely low ratings among supporters of the other party.

Donald Trump’s low point among fellow Republicans was 77%, while Barack Obama’s low among Democrats was 74%, so Biden could be close to his theoretical low line among Democrats.

Trump has generally fared less well among independents than Biden to date — Trump never tops 48% among unaffiliated Americans. Trump’s low point among independents was 29%, while Obama’s support among independents hit a low of 31%. Again, Biden could be near his low point for independents if his experience ends up being similar to Trump and Obama.

Biden’s ability to navigate the current conflict with Russia, take steps to fight inflation and preside over an improving COVID-19 situation will be key factors in determining whether he can win back. the support of Democrats and independents and improve its overall rating.

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