Portland – Broadreach Public Relations announced that Portland-based Lisa Hallee has joined the company’s leadership team as Vice President and Director of Marketing and Digital Services. Harry, a seasoned marketing director and digital strategist with decades of experience, leads Broadreach’s enhanced marketing, creative and digital service offerings to meet strategic communications and marketing needs. Offers customers the flexibility, convenience and efficiency of their partners.

Linda Varrell, Founder, President and CEO of Broadreach Public Relations, said, “Lisa’s natural curiosity, passion for learning, hands-on style and professional skills perfectly complement the strategic communications services that continue to grow. bring out Broadreach. »A fusion of public relations, marketing and digital. And with the need for unified communication across all media and channels, expanding digital capabilities is a natural development for Broadreach and the industry. Lisa also makes Main State a special place to live, work and play. We are also a strong leader in sharing our passion for and places. “

Hallee joined Broadreach after a long career in financial services, shaping the marketing, public relations, social responsibility and digital transformation efforts of many Maine-based financial institutions. Previously, he was executive director of communications at a higher education institution, leading B2B marketing for an international manufacturer based in Maine. And for nearly a decade, Harry owned and operated a design and marketing business based in the Old Port of Portland, serving clients in industries such as accounting, construction, and construction.

Harry lives in Portland with his husband, daughter and rescue dog. Outside of the office, she enjoys outdoor adventures such as biking, hiking, kayaking, cross-country skiing, reading, and interacting with friends around the campfire. She is currently a board member of the Maine Public Relations Council and a volunteer with several conservation groups including urban land trusts in southern Maine and local high schools.

Broadreach Public Relations is a women-owned strategic communications company based in Portland, Maine. Since 2007, Northeastern governments, nonprofits, brands and events have trusted Broadreach to build trust, increase awareness and expand reach. Our talented team of communications strategists bring perspective, business vision and proven abilities across a variety of disciplines, including public relations. Communication and crisis management; Public relations; Public relations with the media; Thinking leadership; Development, promotion and management of events. And digital marketing and social media services.Expand reach with http://www.broadreachpr.com..

Broadreach PR welcomes Hallee as Vice President and Director of Marketing and Digital Services.

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