The best way to promote their business is online which is profitable and doable for any brand

The pandemic has contributed to unprecedented circumstances before the hospitality industry. There has been a massive upheaval, especially in the restaurant, bar and cafe sector, from the implementation of new sanitary standards to the adaptation of new customer expectations.

Months after the lockdown, restaurants have slowly reopened to customers. It’s time for hospitality leaders to take a step forward in brand marketing to keep their businesses afloat. The best way to promote their business is online, which is profitable and doable for any brand.

Below are tips on restaurant marketing tactics that will help you stay in touch with your customers.

1. Create unique content

Think about the strategies that can get people to like your brand. You need to focus on the experience you want to give your beloved customers, not just because of the quality of your food. Talk to your customers about your brand’s story and what inspired you to start your own business.

2. Promote hygiene standards

Hygiene in restaurants is important not only to protect the health and safety of your employees and customers, but also helps to establish the restaurant’s brand image. In times of Covid, safety and hygiene have taken on new importance. Customers are always hesitant to eat out or order because they are afraid of contracting the infectious virus. According to a detailed POSist report on the restaurant industry and market evolution, over 80% of restaurateurs believe that food quality and safety will trump price as a decision factor for customers cost-conscious. Brands should create visuals in videos or graphics that will help them promote their hygiene online.

3. Plan the relaunch of your restaurant through influencer marketing

With the evolution of social media, you can find many micro and macro influencers who can promote your brand and could become your brand advocates. This is the best and most economical way to reach your target audience in a specific area via location based influencers. But micro-influencers create powerful word of mouth for small groups, always remember influencer marketing is about having the right audience, not the biggest audience. Focus on the quality of user-generated content, not the quantity.

4. Plan your website SEO

10 years ago, a customer would most likely find a new restaurant or cafe by looking through the physical phone book or checking in, walking past them, or getting recommended by a friend. But today the Internet and Google search results are the most valuable things that can help your customers reach you in seconds. For example, if they are looking for the best restaurants near me, the best one with an engaging website will be in the search ranking. The higher the range, the higher the conversions. Therefore, this is the best time to revamp your business website to focus on search engine optimization.

While Covid-19 has taken a toll on the hospitality industry, following the above trends will not completely resolve the losses incurred, but staying on top of these trends as best you can can help your business grow.

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