Farrah Dobbs, Marketing Director of The Kentucky Wildlands initiative, recently completed the first year of Marketing College at the Southeast Tourism Society (STS), a three-year program.

“Farrah already has good marketing skills, which she demonstrated when she helped launch our website and social media presence, and this continuing education program will keep her up to date with trends and networking within the tourism marketing profession, ”said Tammie Nazario, who runs The Kentucky Wildlands, a regional marketing program in southern and eastern Kentucky through Eastern Kentucky PRIDE, Inc.

“Farrah is passionate about sharing the vision of the Kentucky Wilderness, and I am confident that her outreach efforts will inspire communities to take this opportunity to grow our tourism industry together. To invite her to speak to your group , please call our toll free number, which is 888-577-4339, ”Nazario said.

“The Kentucky Wildlands have a story to tell,” said Dobbs. “Being proud of our hometowns and showing how well we have overcome adversity is a major factor in my decision to become a member of this wonderful team.”

“Tourism creates opportunities for economic development, job creation, income and the chance to show our endless playground. We’re a gift ready to unwrap! Big things are happening, and I’m so proud to be at ground level, ”Dobbs added.

Originally from Letcher County, Dobbs now lives in Somerset with her husband Shawn Dobbs and daughters Gracie and Gabriella. She is active in her community as a Program Director for the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, Ambassador to the Somerset-Pulaski Chamber of Commerce and a Board Member of the Master Musicians Festival.

From June 13-18, Dobbs attended STS Marketing College in Macon, Georgia. The STS Marketing College is a professional development program that, for one week each year, transforms the facilities of a regional university into specialized classrooms for teaching travel marketing.

Marketing College students come from many industry sectors such as convention and visitor offices, chambers of commerce, state tourism boards, attractions, and hotels. Over 1,240 travel and tourism professionals have completed the full program and achieved certification as a Travel Marketing Professional. The number of registrations for this year’s program was 244.

“The tourism industry is one of the 10 largest employers of middle-class employees in the United States and is a creator of jobs that has a huge economic impact on local communities,” said Monica Smith, President and CEO of STS. “At the same time, the tourism industry is constantly evolving, and the STS Marketing College was therefore established to keep travel and tourism professionals up to date with industry trends, up to date with new technologies and to providing a network and resources to tourism leaders. “

Founded in 1983, STS (southeasttourism.org) is dedicated to promoting and developing tourism to and within its 14 member states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia. , West Virginia and the District of Columbia.

About the Wilderness of Kentucky

The Kentucky Wildlands is a regional tourism marketing initiative in 41 counties in southern and eastern Kentucky. It showcases the majestic beauty and rich heritage of the region with the aim of boosting economic development. Components of the initiative include a media campaign, hotel education, route development and entrepreneur training. The initiative was started by Eastern Kentucky PRIDE, Inc., which is a non-profit organization, with grants from the Appalachian Regional Commission and the Economic Development Administration.

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