Kerala: Plan government department spending at 81% | Thiruvananthapuram News

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: As the 2021-22 fiscal year draws to a close, Ministry Plan Fund expenditures closed at 81.03% of total allocation, which is well below the previous year’s expenditures when funds spent were greater than the initial allocation, which had increased expenditure to 106.64%.
According to data from the state planning board, as of April 1, out of Rs 27,610 crore, which was the total allocation, Rs 22,371.44 crore has been spent. In the previous financial year, although the total funds were the same, the expenditure was Rs 29,442.33 Crore (106.64%). In 2021-2022, up to 15 departments out of 55 departments closed their accounts, spending more than 90% of the allocation. Even among these, 12 departments increased their expenditure above 100%, which would mean that they needed additional funds to meet the needs. These 12 departments include Legislative (1,270.82%), Department of Public Works (280.29%), Transport (257.02%), Health and Family Welfare (140.09%), industries (cashew) (133.38%), law (121.03%), industries (coconut) (113.26%), minority welfare (116.57%), social justice ( 110.14%), fisheries (109.89%), planning and economic affairs (100.54%) and water resources (101.04%).
Although 12 departments crossed the 100 mark, except for health and family welfare (with a spending plan of Rs 1,480.60 crore) and public works (Rs 991.18 crore), allocations for the remaining 10 departments are comparatively less. However, in terms of spending on departments like the Legislature, additional allocations had to be made for major initiatives that the Legislature Secretariat had taken, such as the Paperless Assembly and other programs, which multiplied expenditure by ten compared to the initial allocation.
At the same time, the percentage of expenditure of no less than 13 out of 55 departments is still below the 50 mark, including six in their thirties. These include the environment (30.52%), housing (33.89%), cultural affairs (36.49%), general administration (37.57%), food and civilian supplies (38.28%) and information and public relations (39.17%). The expenditure of some of the major departments like Electronics and Information Technology (with an allocation of Rs 525.25 crore), Higher Education (Rs 641.01 crore), Local Government Department ( Rs 2,532.01 crore) is still in the 1940s and early 1950s, with LSGD’s the lowest spend in this category at 46.50%.
Meanwhile, more funds, which have been earmarked for major infrastructure projects in the state, are unspent at the end of 2021-22 compared to 2020-21. In 2020-21, the unspent amount under major infrastructure projects was Rs 418.42 crore out of an allocation of Rs 1,000 crore, while in 2021-22, the unspent amount under the same heading is rose to Rs 473.03 crore.
The Plan’s total expenditure for local government institutions in 2021-2022 was Rs 7,280 crore, of which Rs 4,919.98 crore has been spent to date (67.58%), representing a low rate of expenses. Among the various institutions of local bodies, expenditure by state municipalities is the lowest (46% to 24%). Other institutions, including corporations (69.54%), district panchayats (68.35%), block panchayats (78.34%) and village panchayats (71.50%), have recorded comparatively better performance.