Maharashtra police find bank leads, loan details

Ten police teams have been formed to investigate the kidnapping and murder of a 26-year-old Navy member who was found with severe burns in the Palghar district and died while being transferred to a Mumbai hospital, an official said on Sunday. Navy sailor Suraj Kumar Dubey, from Jharkhand, was kidnapped in Chennai on January 30, set on fire by his captors in the Gholvad area, Palghar district, and died on Friday.

An official said bank and stock transactions, loan details had been found as the investigation progressed. Konkan Range Inspector General Sanjay Mohite told PTI on Sunday that the 10 teams formed were coordinating with their counterparts from Chennai and Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, Ranchi in Jharkhand and Mumbai to solve the case.

Palghar Police Superintendent Dattatray Shinde told reporters that Dubey was on leave from January 1 to February 1 and took a flight from Ranchi at 8 a.m. on January 30 and landed in Chennai at 9 p.m. on same day. As he was exiting the airport, three people pointed a gun at Dubey, held him captive in Chennai for three days and took him to the Gholvad jungle in Palghar on February 5 and set him on fire. after spraying it with gasoline, Shinde said. .

Shinde said Dubey’s father filed a disappearance complaint with Jharkhand on Jan.31 after discovering the latter’s cell phone was turned off, and so far the police investigation has revealed that Dubey has three cell phones, and not two as his relatives believed. A cousin had called him on this third cell phone on February 1, the SP said.

It was also discovered that Dubey had recently carried out a considerable number of stock transactions through brokerage firms in Bhopal and Mumbai, he said. Dubey had taken out a bank loan of Rs 8.43 lakh and also borrowed amounts totaling Rs 6 lakh from his colleagues in the Navy, and some of them had repeatedly requested repayment, Shinde said.

The Palghar SP said Dubey got engaged on January 15 of this year and his future in-laws transferred Rs 9 lakh to his bank account. All of these angles have been probed to uncover the truth, said SP Shinde.

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