Meta Platforms, HTC and LIONS Technology will discuss how Taiwan can contribute to the 5G OpenRAN ecosystem

At Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2022, Taiwan Industrial Development Officean agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs that oversees the development of 5G in Taiwan, released a virtual panel featuring Metaplatformsa global leader and advocate supporting the growth of the ecosystem for open, disaggregated, standards-based technology solutions, HTC, leading innovation in smart mobile devices and experience designLIONS Technologya leading company for O-RAN compliant 5G solution providers for Non-Public Network (NPN) applications to discuss Taiwan’s potential contributions to the development of the Open Radio Access Network (OpenRAN) ecosystem.

Jang-HwaLeu, Director General, Bureau of Industrial Development, Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan

OpenRAN emphasizes disaggregation between hardware and software, and provides more flexibility and agility in network deployment. As Jang-HwaLeu, Director General, Bureau of Industrial Development, Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan shared at the opening, ICT products made in Taiwan are among the best in the world with great competitive advantages, and many have embarked on partnerships with telecom operators in Japan, the United States and Europe.

As the world’s leading ICT OEM/ODM manufacturing base, Taiwan works closely with global OpenRAN ecosystem partners, such as Telecom Infra Project (TIP) to facilitate the development of OpenRAN solutions in 5G macro networks. and private. According to Yang Xu, Connectivity Technologies and Ecosystems Manager of Meta Platforms, O-RAN’s multi-vendor and disaggregated approach to network deployment not only reduces the cost and barrier of entry, but also opens up new opportunities through optimization, customization, privacy and security. The indoor and outdoor small cell use cases are particularly relevant to the Taiwanese ecosystem.

HTC, one of Taiwan’s best-known brands, has been devoting resources to developing 5G private network solutions since 2008. According to Raymond Pao, senior vice president of business solutions at HTC, the initial setup, cost, procedure, and operation were beyond the expertise of most IT departments. With the help of partners in the OpenRAN ecosystem, HTC has developed a solution that can be housed in a single portable box and set up in 30 minutes illustrated with an already commercialized VR entertainment use case.

OpenRAN makes it easier for solution providers to bring in new ecosystem partners to accelerate growth or enable more customizations. However, one of the challenges of aggregating components on the network from multiple vendors, in addition to disaggregated hardware and software, is testing and validating parts. OpenRANs are very flexible and smart, but this also makes developing end-to-end integrated solutions very difficult and time-consuming. As Kan Chang, Senior Marketing Manager, LIONS Technology share, “you have to have bottom-up discipline; that’s what we take from our experience as an end-to-end solution provider.

Meta Platforms, HTC and LIONS Technology will discuss how Taiwan can contribute to the 5G OpenRAN ecosystem

Panelists also discussed key challenges and considerations when adopting OpenRAN solutions and lessons learned from past experiences, as well as the business benefits of such adoption for public network services and private enterprise services. As Taiwan actively contributes to the ecosystem with not only ICT manufacturing capabilities, but also a community TIP lab to validate mature products for commercial deployment, Taiwan’s ICT supply chain continues to play the role as a key partner for telecom operators around the world. Meta Platforms, HTC and LIONS Technology to discuss how Taiwan can contribute to the 5G OpenRAN ecosystem.

To see the full program on “HOW TAIWAN CAN CONTRIBUTE TO THE 5G OPENRAN ECOSYSTEM?” please look here.

About the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB)

The Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) is the administrative agency of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs. The IDB’s role is to formulate industrial policies and oversee various industries, including metallurgy and engineering, information technology, consumer goods and chemicals, knowledge services, as well as sustainable development in Taiwan. . In recent years, the IDB has also strongly supported the Taiwanese pavilion at global trade shows (such as MWC Barcelona) and Taiwanese suppliers to demonstrate Taiwan’s ICT supply chain capabilities in the global market.

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