MIMETAS participates in the €325 million Oncode-PACT initiative to accelerate and improve oncology drug development

LEIDEN, Netherlands, April 19, 2022 /B3C newswire/ — mimetas, a world leader in organ-on-chip disease models, is a partner in the Oncode-PACT (Preclinical Accelerator for Cancer Treatments) initiative which today received €325 million from the National Fund of Dutch growth. Oncode Institute will lead the Oncode-PACT consortium and its operations. With this investment, the consortium will more quickly develop cancer drug candidates and bring them to patients sooner. As a partner of Oncode-PACT, MIMETAS will develop the next generation of patient-specific cancer organoid models that include immune cells, blood vessels, and other key cell types to aid in the discovery and development of new drugs. anti-cancer. Using these models, MIMETAS will screen compounds and targets using fully integrated automated phenotypic screen lines with AI data interpretation, bringing early validation and risk reduction to the drug development pipeline. anti-cancer.

“The efficiency of the drug pipeline and the scarcity of new disease targets and mechanisms are critical challenges for cancer drug discovery and the pharmaceutical industry,” says Jos Joore, co-CEO of MIMETAS, “We are excited to deploy our groundbreaking 3D models of human cancer in this exceptional consortium to ultimately provide cancer patients with a brighter future.

Oncode-PACT’s goal is to create a state-of-the-art drug development infrastructure to innovate the cancer drug development process itself. The project capitalizes on the excellent cancer research in the Netherlands, one of the top three countries in biomedical science. In addition to MIMETAS, more than forty major players in the oncology ecosystem participate in the consortium, including the Oncode Institute, pharmaceutical companies, SMEs, universities, hospitals and social partners.


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On mimetas
MIMETAS (Leiden, The Netherlands) is a world leader in disease modeling using organ-on-chip technologies. Its proprietary OrganoPlate® platform enables the development and high-throughput screening of physiologically relevant disease models. The company offers its technology and know-how in therapeutic co-development projects, services and ready-to-use products. MIMETAS works with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies around the world to develop new therapies for unsolved diseases. MIMETAS was founded in 2013 in Leiden, the Netherlands, and has grown into a multinational company operating in Asia, Europe and the United States.
To learn more about the disease modeling capabilities of MIMETAS and its OrganoPlate® platform, please visit www.mimetas.com

On encoding
Oncode is an independent institute in the Netherlands dedicated to understanding cancer and translating research into practice. More than 800 excellent cancer researchers from 12 academic centers in the Netherlands come together at Oncode to collaborate on groundbreaking basic research. In addition to performing vital basic research, Oncode specializes in cooperating with third parties to guide scientists’ discoveries into translational and clinical research and new diagnostics, drugs and treatments. Oncode Institute was launched in 2017 and is funded by the Netherlands Cancer Society, the Netherlands Research Council (NWO) ZonMW, Health-Holland and three ministries: the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports.
To learn more about Oncode and the Oncode-PACT initiative, please visit https://www.oncode.nl/Oncode-PACT


Jos Joore, CEO
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