Murder of woman linked to defaulted loan and threatening texts Eve woman

The mystery surrounded the disappearance of Caroline Wanjiku last Friday. After leaving her son at school, she went to Stima Sacco in Ngara.

When she failed to return home to spend time with her children at the end of the day, as she usually does, her family became concerned.

Talk to Sunday Standard, her sister Pauline Maina said: “By nightfall, she had not come home. Her phone had been off since the afternoon.

His car’s tracking device showed the car was at Gatani Elementary School in Kawangware.

“He had been vandalized. The police asked around, but no one seemed to know who drove the car there, ”Maina continued.

Both online and offline research then follows. The 38-year-old family have sent calls to hear from their daughter.

A week after his disappearance, a bodaboda horseman came across Wanjiku’s body in a thicket in Kitengela. He had been mutilated – gouged eyes, broken hip bones and his whole body swollen.

Caroline was a mother of two children (Photo: courtesy)

According to investigators, two days before her disappearance, the mother-of-two received a text from a friend warning her of the dire consequences if she did not pay back the money she had borrowed. A back and forth then follows between the two.

Wanjiku allegedly used this friend’s logbook to obtain a loan from a town loan shark, an amount that investigators estimated at less than Sh 20,000. However, she did not repay the loan and the loan shark. had withheld the logbook and threatened to take possession of the car.

Wanjiku’s visit to the sacco may have been aimed at securing a loan with which she could expand her real estate business and repay the loan, investigators believed.

Four of his friends who are being held for questioning. One of the suspects allegedly offered to help him get the money to repay the loan. They went to a local bank where Wanjiku withdrew money which she then deposited at the Sacco cooperative of which the above friend was a member.

The Criminal Investigations Directorate has yet to find out what happened after the bank. They hope the city’s security cameras as well as the bank’s CCTV footage can give them more information on Wanjiku’s final moments of life.