In today’s world, digital marketing is an integral segment of marketing that typically harnesses the Internet and other online digital technologies to promote various products and services. With increased growth in digital marketing in recent years, brands and business organizations have completely changed their marketing methods. Digital Marketing is a strategic marketing approach aimed at demonstrating and creating relevant content via the internet, social media, and other platforms in order to drive audience attraction. Professionals like Nikhil Sukhramani and Tushar Sukhramani have spoken of a revolutionary change in the digital world by bringing divergent and unique marketing trends. Creative Fuel has been one of the most cohesive and important digital marketing agencies, as the name defines it, one that has captured the hearts of a vast audience with its viral and innovative content.

Creative Fuel is inherited from two young and successful entrepreneurial brothers, Nikhil Sukhramani and Tushar Sukhramani, based in Indore. With successful digital marketing campaigns all over the world, Creative Fuel stands out and holds a strong position in the multimedia world. Lately, the company has expanded and brought modern and unique concepts to the field of digital marketing. In recent times, Creative Fuel has been one of the leading meme and influencer marketing agencies in the industry, and is regarded as a benchmark with successful and massive global campaigns.

The company has steadfastly carried out extensive marketing campaigns even for various distinguished and high profile brands such as Beardo, Cadbury, MX player, Durex, Byjus, Dream 11, Myntra, Burger King and Amazon Prime Videos. Most of the renowned business organizations have taken the help of Creative Fuel for their branded products, services and promotions and have deliberately contributed to these organizations in their overall productivity and prosperity. The agency has active influencer marketing and advertising campaigns around the world.

There has been a colossal increase in the marketing of memes around the world, memes have been a powerful marketing tool as memes reach and connect with audiences beyond ordinary methods. Creative Fuel by Nikhil Sukhramani and Tushar Sukhramani is the most fashionable and leading meme marketing agency, always advantageous and has certainly used the authoritative influence of memes in marketing, branding and promotion. Creative fuel has created trends in the digital world by making perfect use of the latest digital media tools, the company has promoted the best content and entertained the global audience thoroughly, with a rigid fan base and a combined network of over 500 million people on his social media platforms, he also has over 259,000 followers on his Instagram account.

Creative Fuel has led the digital world by promoting various trade organizations and well-known brands and making them go viral all over the internet.

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