Representation image New Delhi: As more and more young Indian investors are excited to explore new investment options, they are embracing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polygon to make investments that promise them viable returns. These digital currencies along with other DLT applications have garnered considerable attention, leading toRead More →

Use in automotive component manufacturing for functional benefits amplifies growth The petrochemical companies of North America take advantage of the presence of large shale gas reservoirs due to the increasing need to use low cost gas feedstocks compared to oil-based ones ALBANY, NY, September 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Market researchRead More →

ALBANY, NY, September 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Market research on transparency: The role of national-level global oil companies and international oil companies with significant petrochemical assets represent a significant share of the petrochemical market. Monetary investments made by national oil companies significantly support the growth of the petrochemicalRead More →

JThe Biden administration’s claims that it wields “tremendous” economic leverage over the Taliban are overblown, some outside conservative experts have said. Since the beginning of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Biden administration has asserted that the Taliban must respect the human rights of those in Afghanistan if they expectRead More →

It has been observed that the economic growth cycle coincides with the investment cycle in India. It turns out that firm-level leverage could provide early signals about movements in the investment cycle. Moreover, a company’s leverage negatively affects its investment activity above a threshold. The regression results, after controlling forRead More →

Democrats in Congress are now poised to enact two huge non-defense spending expansions, though serious challenges remain. The first is a $1.2 a $1 trillion package of infrastructure spending, including funding for roads, bridges, railways, rural broadband and water systems, which enjoys bipartisan support. The other is a so-called fiscalRead More →

The beaches, wetlands, rivers and streams attract multitudes of visitors for beach, hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities. These coastal areas represent significant sources of economic value for local communities, and the recreational opportunities they provide are an essential part of local culture, making these waterways special for locals andRead More →

For decades, brave and determined American policymakers, faced with the challenges of North Korea, have courageously fixed their steely gaze on East Asia and, with resolve, courage and conviction, have chosen to seek scapegoating rather than making hard choices. And while scapegoats have been found in several places, the mostRead More →

Biodiversity and ecosystem services are in unprecedented decline and, like climate change, the associated risks are significant for economies. Already, 14 of the 18 ecosystem services assessed have declined since 1970. This means smaller fish catches, fewer wild pollinators, nature’s reduced ability to control pathogens, protect communities from extreme weatherRead More →

Through SCMR Staff · June 22, 2021 Thomas, a leader in product sourcing, supplier selection and marketing solutions for the industry, today released its 2021 annual report on the state of manufacturing in North America, sharing the groundbreaking insights from its latest survey of the North American manufacturing and industrialRead More →

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Thomas, the leader in product sourcing, supplier selection and marketing solutions for the industry, today released its 2021 Annual Report on the State of Manufacturing in North America share innovative insights from its latest survey of North American manufacturing and industrial sectors. While the report reveals multiple shiftsRead More →

Gitcoin Token was launched as an Ethereum-based governance token. The token has no economic value or financial rights and is primarily used to oversee the GitCoin ecosystem. What is GitCoin GitCoin is the place for software developers to get coins for building open source projects. Simply put, Gitcoin’s mission isRead More →

Crown Flour Mill (CFM) Limited, a subsidiary of Olam Nigeria, has reiterated its promise to continue collaborating with other stakeholders within the local wheat value chain to support the socio-economic value proposition of the sector . This assurance was given when a CFM management team paid a courtesy visit toRead More →

BIG NECK, NY, November 2, 2020 / PRNewswire / – CEO of Sharestates, Allen Shayanfekr, today announced that Sharestates, a leading diversified fintech company, has hired Stephane Leccese as director of strategy and growth. In this role, Stephan will lead efforts to identify, incubate and accelerate strategic initiatives on behalfRead More →

Getty As COVID-19 continues to impact the United States, the federal government is taking action to ease the burden on taxpayers. More recently, the Congress pass a massive stimulus package that was promulgated by the president. The stimulus bill (also known as the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act,Read More →

Manchester United have released their financial results for the second quarter of the season. These results capture the club’s financial position from December to March. The club are expected to have lost more than £ 100million in this timeframe, leading them to borrow £ 60million to protect their finances duringRead More →

The Bank of India (BoI) received covid-19 debt overhaul requests from 50,000 borrowers for loans totaling ??6,100 crore, chief executive AK Das said, lower than the state bank had originally forecast. “When we identified the eligible accounts, there were approximately 300,000 eligible accounts involving ??23,000 crores. In addition, from ??6,100Read More →

The Ministry of Finance’s Expenditure Department has received requests from Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Manipur and Nagaland for special financial envelopes, State Minister of Finance Anurag Singh Thakur said in a written response. Credit and finance for MSMEs: The average MSME loan ticket size decreased among existing and new borrowers duringRead More →

As several countries have rolled out coronavirus vaccines, World Health Organization (WHO) Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus questioned the fairness of vaccine distribution and said the world was on the verge of “catastrophic moral failure”. Speaking at the WHO virtual board meeting, Tedros said: “I have to be frank: theRead More →

Wells College, Aurora NY. Google earth According to Moody’s Investors Service, canceling student loan debt would give the economy a slight blow, but could cause “moral hazard” and possibly make the problem worse. Some Democratic presidential candidates, including Sens. Bernie sanders and Elizabeth warren, have proposed debt cancellation which hasRead More →

Outlook 04 January 2021 16:01 IST Assam’s MFI bill linked to poll and congressional loan exemption promise ‘moral hazard’: report 1970-01-01T05: 30: 00 + 0530 Mumbai, January 4 (PTI) The passage of a bill to control the microfinance sector and the Congress party’s loan exemption promise if elected toRead More →

Addressing a virtual event organized by industry body FICCI, Kant said the COVID-19 pandemic had given a boost to the ever-expanding digital infrastructure. Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant said on Thursday that digital infrastructure has become essential to the functioning of society and that India can create $1 trillion inRead More →

NEW DELHI: Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant said on Thursday that digital infrastructure has become essential to the functioning of society and that India can create $1 trillion in economic value using digital technology here 2025. Addressing a virtual event organized by industry body FICCI, Kant said the COVID-19 pandemicRead More →

Intangible assets have been largely ignored by accounting standards and traditional valuation methods. Consequently, many organizations do not have a clear picture of the economic value of their intangible assets. Given the growing importance of intangible assets to growth and revenue, failure to identify and exploit the value of theseRead More →

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised fundamental questions about how to balance protecting public health and protecting the economy. How should authorities weigh the risk of illness and death against the risk of economic damage from social distancing and other restrictions that slow the spread of disease? It is never easyRead More →

Kafula Sakeus On a visit to a Brahmin stud farm in the Corn Triangle, we were greeted by a veld fire that appears to have spread from neighbors to the farm gate. With a sense of worry in one eye and yet grateful that the hell had been brought underRead More →

OThe reason prescription drugs are often cheaper abroad is that many countries carry out detailed assessments of the economic value of drugs and their benefits. These assessments result in difficult negotiations with pharmaceutical companies before drugs are allowed into national health plans. The Trump administration has offered to benchmark pricesRead More →

Companies are slow to adopt AI-based productivity improvements, be warned: artificial intelligence is the biggest business opportunity for businesses, industries and nations in the coming decades, according to a recent PwC report. Advances in AI will increase global GDP by up to 14% by 2030, the equivalent of contributing anRead More →

There’s an old adage in finance that a relationship is worth a basis point, which is a fun, if absurd, way of saying that relationships in finance have value. On the surface, it’s obvious. Investment banks are highly profitable businesses that exist to provide investors with investment opportunities. Venture capitalistsRead More →

Live Beta The Economic Value Atlas tool is now available in beta for you to discover new insights into our regional economy. Use the beta tool Metro will be testing different apps and continuing to develop them through summer 2019. We plan to release updates on a regular two-year cycleRead More →

What is Economic Value Added (EVA)? Economic Value Added (EVA) is a measure of a company’s financial performance based on residual wealth calculated by deducting its cost of capital from its operating income, adjusted for taxes on a cash basis. EVA can also be referred to as economic profit becauseRead More →

Imagine a large number of companies doing what Kingfisher did to their employees in a short time. Would people be willing to work for a month without being paid? What if the police were openly colluding with a gang of car thieves? Would your car insurance premium increase significantly? InRead More →

There is growing interest in how schools can shape children’s non-cognitive skills (sometimes called behavioral traits, know-how, or personality). One reason for this interest is that non-cognitive skills predict a wide range of economic outcomes, such as lifetime employment and earnings, but are also relatively malleable, at least into adulthood.Read More →