As the French kiwifruit season ends on a high note, Primland has started to market fruit from Chile to maintain its supply during the off-season.

Primland Chile’s permanent team and its seasonal workers have started packing around 170 containers. The company is now entering its 22nd season with many challenges to overcome.

The permanent team of Primland Chile

A permanent quest for quality

The company, helped by the groundwork laid by the Chilean Kiwifruit Committee (of which Primland Chile is a member) has always advocated participation in the production of high quality kiwifruit.

Thus, for several years, the understanding of the vegetative cycle, the monitoring of orchards by agronomists working with the producers and the strict respect of the harvest criteria have made it possible to guarantee the quality of OSCAR kiwis produced in Chile.

In this regard, the Brix and dry matter levels indicate not only good taste characteristics but also excellent storage qualities.

In addition, compliance with OSCAR specifications during packaging allows the company to offer high quality products consistently throughout the season.

This season, the conditions were favorable and allowed the partner producers of Primland to obtain fruit of good size with an average weight of around 100 g.

Development of its range

Primland is also continuing to develop its range with its range of organic kiwis and with the continuation of the plantation of OSCAR GOLD kiwis (yellow flesh) which will be marketed in a few years.

Primland now plans to market not only fruit early in the season, but also large volumes in the second half of the season to meet continued demand for kiwifruit in destination markets.

Europe is a target market this year and the brand’s notoriety, particularly in Asia, also enables it to develop markets in the Far East. In addition, a presence in the southern hemisphere has increased sales on the southern and North American continents.

Primland offers its customers targeted actions to support and develop their sales to consumers.

A health situation that requires adaptation

Many challenges have been posed by the pandemic. Primland has already set up a reinforced organization to deal with the direct effects, in particular concerning the organization of its packing stations with the implementation of rigorous health protocols.

It also deals with the more indirect consequences represented by the upstream organization, with the supply of packaging materials and downstream via reinforced maritime logistics management to cope with the constraints weighing on maritime traffic.

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