We live in a time when no failure can keep you among the finalists for long, if you are determined to leave nothing behind. All that requires to stay focused, to show patience and perseverance and above all to perfectly manage your bad days.

One boy, who was not favored by luck in his 10th and 12th exams, did not even lose the last glimmer of hope to see the end. And thanks to that firm hope, he became the youngest social media maestro (manager) in his country.

Sezgin Mangjuka from Kosovo is now an influential entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. Sezgin is the founder and CEO of Pixatronix. His company is now a full-fledged digital media agency that supports companies in promoting their business by driving good traffic to their products and helping them achieve decent growth.

This boy is a real gem, who even after witnessing terrible school failures has not given up. When his family would have thought negatively about his career, but he was up to something breathtaking and he surprised everyone around him with his fantastic digital tactics.

Thanks to these digital skills, Sezgin Mangjuka is now considered one of the youngest and most inspiring businessmen, entrepreneur and marketing expert. Because of his hard work, dedication and unwavering determination, his successes have won thousands of hearts, if not millions. With his diverse notions and remarkable tricks, his company has established itself as the most successful service provider in Kosovo. So if not in academia, but Sezgin is the brightest star in digital marketing. With the aim of learning and making his dreams come true, he has been traveling for a long time and doing everything possible to make connections with various celebrities in the business world and experienced business tycoons. Other than that, Sezgin is a humble and kind human being.

A successful shift of his focus to his digital business opened up avenues and many opportunities for him to gain additional expertise in the field. He has perfectly transformed into a digital marketing genius and his expertise has earned him a good name in the field of digital marketing and his company a better reputation thanks to his innovative and flawless skills.

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