Sri Lanka faces economic crisis and runs out of money to feed zoo animals

Sri Lanka’s zoology department told the wildlife department on Thursday June 2 that there was not enough money to feed zoo animals during the economic crisis.

A Foreign Ministry official quoted the media as saying that there was a major shortage of funds due to the drop in the number of foreign and domestic tourists. Officials say the government’s annual budget is running out.

Together with the Treasury, the Minister of Nature Protection has declared that he will allocate funds for official animal feed. Dehiwala Zoo in Sri Lanka is one of the oldest zoos in Asia, with animals from all over the world.

Due to a lack of foreign currency, Sri Lanka is experiencing one of the biggest economic crises in the world, leading to a shortage of basic necessities such as medicine, gasoline and food, according to The Gazette.

“There are no drugs on the market, no simple tablets like paracetamol or Benadryl”, explains the author. “To treat my child, I had to buy medicine from my neighbours,” said Gunaratna Vaani.

Vaani showed her child the bare shelves in the market and told her how difficult it was to buy powdered milk as well as gasoline and kerosene for cooking.

“Earning a living will be extremely difficult for you. We are still alive thanks to the help of our brothers. I don’t know how long I’m going to last,” he admitted.