Singapore announces sanctions against Russia over Ukraine invasion Singapore announces sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, becoming one of the few Southeast Asian governments to do so. “The sovereignty, political independence and territorial integrity of all countries, large and small, must be respected,” a Foreign Ministry statement said.Read More →

The macroeconomic environment has changed significantly since Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the Union budget and the RBI released its inflation forecast for the coming financial year. On Thursday, crude oil prices hovered around $120 a barrel for the first time in years. While prices moderated slightly thereafter, for theRead More →

In an interview with Jovem Pan’s website, shortly before his participation in the Direct to the Point program, the minister claims that he will renew the credit programs for companies and that they will have up to three novelties that Bolsonaro analyzes Content Bruno Rocha/EstadaoThe minister again criticized the readjustmentRead More →

28/01/2022 – Accelerating the pace of structural reforms, investing EU funds effectively while ensuring sound fiscal management will help strengthen recovery and future growth, providing better opportunities for Romanians to move forward, says a new OECD study report. Romania made great strides in improving living standards before the COVID-19 crisisRead More →