LinkedIn says there is more demand for marketers now than ever before, and new vacancies are shifting to remote positions.

A LinkedIn Marketing Jobs Report examines top hiring trends and insights over the past 6 months.

The report finds that the demand for marketers has increased dramatically during the pandemic.

Businesses recognize that they have to change their approach to reach customers, and they are seeking help from marketing professionals.

“Disruptive events, like a pandemic and economic recessions, often have a negative impact on hiring demand, but marketing has suffered the reverse impact.

Businesses recognize the need to innovate and differentiate themselves in the way they reach potential customers and look to their marketing departments to help them drive that innovation.


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Over the past six months, the number of marketing jobs posted on LinkedIn has increased by 63%. A total of 341,000 marketing jobs were posted on LinkedIn over the past year.

Here are other highlights from the report, with more information on the demand for marketing jobs and the types of positions available.

More data from LinkedIn’s Marketing Jobs Report

What industries are looking for marketers?

Marketing jobs in industries such as the arts and retail have been the most in demand.

50% of the top 10 marketing jobs posted on LinkedIn are in the digital or media space.

LinkedIn calls these industries “generally recession-proof” and non-cyclical because they have been the least affected in terms of the slowdown in hiring.


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Here is a list of top industries by marketing job growth:

  • Arts (85.9%)
  • Retail trade (72.6%)
  • Education (63.7%)
  • Corporate services (60.6%)
  • Software and IT services (22.7%)
  • Legal (23.6%)
  • Design (21.3%)
  • Media and communication (20.5%)
  • Well-being and fitness (-1.2%)
  • Public administration (-2.1%)
  • Agriculture (-5.3%)
  • Transport & Logistics (-5.6%)
  • Finance (-5.8%)
  • Energy & Mines (-5.8%)
  • Manufacturing (-6.7%)
  • Consumer goods (-6.9%)

What types of marketing positions are available?

Marketing jobs are pivoting to remote positions, LinkedIn says. Over 17,000 distance marketing jobs have been posted on LinkedIn in the past 12 months.

While this is a substantial number, remote positions only accounted for 5% of all marketing jobs on LinkedIn in the past year.

Remote work is likely to stay there even when the pandemic is over, but it is not on track to return to office work anytime soon.

LinkedIn points out that in North America in particular, the job market for B2B marketers is moving towards a virtual space. This has led to an increase in roles in Digital & Media.

The data indicates an overwhelmingly positive response to the change, as 50% of buyers in the B2B space say working remotely made the buying process easier.

Employers are using more flexible hiring solutions with a split between internship, full-time and contractor positions.


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Here is an overview of the 6-month evolution of the share of marketing jobs on LinkedIn by job type:

  • Internship (24.5%)
  • Full time (20.5%)
  • Entrepreneur (15%)
  • Temporary (-19.2%)
  • Part-time (-19.4%)

About the LinkedIn report

This information is based on an analysis of internal LinkedIn data.

Data was collected from March 30, 2020 to September 29, 2020 and compared to data collected from September 30, 2020 to March 30, 2021.


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Source: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog

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