How many other states have vaccine lotteries in place?

Eight states, including New Mexico who have just announced theirs today, have established covid-19 lotteries.


The California Vaccine Lottery is the largest ever announced and will offer $ 1.5 million to ten Californians who have received at least one dose of a covid-19 vaccine.


On the 25th, Colorado Governor Jared Polis unveiled the Colorado Comeback Cash Vaccine Drawing which will select five vaccinated residents to win $ 1 million.

Since the competition was announced, the percentage of residents who have received at least one dose of a covid-19 vaccine has increased by one point to 45.4%.


On May 25, Governor John Carney presented “DE Wins! Which is described as “a public education and incentive program to increase COVID-19 vaccination rates in Delaware.”

Anyone over the age of twelve who has been vaccinated “will be entered to win $ 5,000 in cash and additional prizes in bi-weekly Delaware Lottery draws.” On June 30, two residents who have received a vaccine will be eligible to win the grand prize of $ 302,000.


On May 20, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced the $ 2 million VaxCash promotion that gives people vaccinated in the state a chance to win $ 40,000.

On July 4th, one person will be selected to win the grand prize of $ 400,000.


Ohio was the first state to announce a vaccine lottery for youth and adults. The first of five draws to select a million dollar winner took place on May 26.

People vaccinated in Ohio now have four more chances of winning. The state announced that the vaccination rate had started to rise after Governor Mike DeWine’s announcement of the competition.


On May 21, Governor Brown of Oregon introduced the “Take Your Shot” program. Residents of Oregon have until the end of June to get vaccinated for a chance to win $ 10,000 (37 winners) or $ 1 million (1 winner).

Oregon youth could win one of five $ 100,000 scholarships to an Oregon university or college.

West Virginia

On June 1, West Virginia became one of the last states to launch a covid-19 vaccine lottery. The state will offer cash prizes as well as merchandise like guns and trucks.

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